Anatomy – Publications

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  • Rajeshwari C Eligar 2011, Face and Foot asymmetry in Adolescents
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  • Rajeshwari C Eligar, S M Choukimath 2014, “Bicornuate [Bicornis, Unicollis] Uterus, a Congenital Malformation Associated with Pathological Lesions: A Clinicopathological Study of 4 Rare Cases”.
    Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences; Vol-3(17): 4608-4614.
  • Kazi S A K, Nagaraj Puranik, Chaitra B, Shivakumar Omprakash KV, Seela Devi 2014, “Improvement in Glucose Tolerance due to Tinospora Cordifolia (Willd.)”
    International Journal of Health Sciences and research” Vol-4(5): May-2014 37-4
  • Kazi S A K, Nagaraj Puranik, Chaitra Bidare, Omprakash Kasaragod Venkatakrishniah and Seela Devi 2014, “Protein Anabolic & Anti- Hyperglycemic Activity of Tinospora Cordifolia (Willd.) in Experimental Diabetes Mellitus: Its Efficacy in comparison with Novel drug Insulin” Research & reviews: Journal of Medical & Health Sciences, Vol-3 (sup-1) Jan-Mar-2014: P-82-86.
  • Rajashekhar Y Dundaraddy 2010 “Abnormal Origin of Cystic Artery from Gastroduodenal Artery”
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  • Rajashekhar Y Dundaraddy 2012: “Study of variations in the extrahepatic Biliary System” :Biomirror: Vol-03(03): 1-3
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  • Bhavya BS, Havaldhar PP, Rajasekhar HV. Deep axillary arch muscle – a case report. Anatomica Karnataka 2012; 6(2):24-27.
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  • Kazi S.A.K. “ Morphometric analysis of foramen magnum for sex determination in Karnataka” Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology. Accepted on -27-12-2013
  • Kazi S.A.K, A study of Estimation of stature from foot measurements: Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology. Accepted on 23-09-2013.


Accepted for Publications

Kazi S A K, Aadamali A Nadaf, Vijayachandra, B.G. Shalawadi: “ A Study on Estimation of Stature From Foot Measurements”: Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine &Toxicology. Accepted on 23-09-2013.

Kazi S A K, Aadamali A Nadaf, Pramod. B. Gai “Morphometric analysis of formen magnum for sex determination in Karnataka” Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology. Accepted on 27-12-2013.

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