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A.Manjunath D:

  • Gene expression profiling of Nasal polyposis
  • Polymorphisms in Nasal polyposis
  • Gene expression profiling in Atrophic rhinitis

2. Residents:

1 Dr.Rindu R A comparative study between myringotomy with grommet and myringotomy with instillation of Intratympanic N- acetyl cysteine in Serous otitis media Dr .RP Gadag
2 Dr. Gowri Shankar Assessment of Eustachian tube function in CSOM and traumatic perforation. A comparative study Dr.Vikram Bhat K
3 Dr.Harsha Chavan HIV manifestations in ENT and its correlation with CD4 lymphocyte count Dr.Umesh S Nagalotimath
4 Dr.Ashwini Godse Endoscopic tympanoplasty v/s Microscopic tympanoplasty. Study of correlation of outcomes Dr.Umesh S Nagalotimath

Dr. Deekshith


Effects of adenoidectomy & adeno tonsillectomy on Waldeyers ring Dr.Vikram Bhat K
6 Dr. Nagaraj Maradi Hearing loss in temporal bone factures Dr.Umesh S Nagalotimath
7 Dr. Chetana CS Effect of  injury to Chorda tympani nerve on taste sensation Dr.RP Gadag
8 Dr. Sunaina R Sarkar Endoscopy v/s  conventional micro Dr.Umesh S Nagalotimath
9 Dr.Arshad Adenoidectomy vs medical management in cases of chronic adenoiditis Dr.Vikram bhat
10 Dr.Supreetha Shenoy Comparison between vinegar wash and culture based antibiotics to make CSOM ear dry Dr.R.P.Gadag
11 Dr.Nabeel Malick Comparative study of type 1 tympanoplasty with and without gel foam in the middle ear Dr.R.P. Gadag
12 Dr.Shwetha Sawant Efficacy of systemic glucocorticoids and antifungals in patients with nasal polyps: A randomised controlled trial Dr.Somanath B Megalamani

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The present KARNATAKA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, HUBBALLI,( K.I.M.S. HUBBALLI.) was earlier known as the KARNATAKA MEDICAL COLLEGE, HUBBALLI. It was established in AUGUST 1957.For initial few years, the college was functioning from a building which is now known as J.G.Commerce College. Later, it was shifted to the present beautiful campus comprising of 100 acres of land, situated on Pune – Bangalore National Highway, Vidyanagar, Hubballi.

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