General Surgery – Publications

Sl.NO. Name of Presenter Paper Topic Journal
1 Dr. Gurushantappa Y Obstructive Jaundice Secondary to Ampullary Adenocinoma in Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Indian J Surg(June 2013) 75 (Suppl 1) S113-S184.
2 Dr. Gurushantappa Y Anterior mediastinal teratoma- A Case Report with Review of Literature Indian J Surg (June 2013) 75 (Suppl 1) S182-S184
3 Dr. Gurushantappa Y Adrenal incidentaloma dose it require surgical treatment? Case report and review of literature International Journal of Surgery cases reports 4(2013) 192-194
4 Dr. Gurushantappa Y Giant retroperitoneal lipoma Medical Innovatica, June 2014, Volume 3- Issue 1
5 Dr. Gurushantappa Y Arrhythmia following midazolam : pharmacokinetics or pharmacogenomics

World Journal Of Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Sciences

Volume 6 – Issue 3

January 2017

6 Dr. Ishwar R Hosamani Synchronous malignancies of the gall bladder and common bile duct World journal of Surgical oncology 2016
7 Dr. Ishwar R Hosamani Breast lumps that do not arise from the breast Indian Journals of Surgery oncology  December 2016
8 Dr. Ishwar R Hosamani Mass in the left iliac fossa-a diagnostic dilemma Indian Journals of Surgery February 2016
9 Dr. Ishwar R Hosamani Perforated, gastrointestinal stromal tumor of the meckel’s diverticulum Indian Journals of Surgery October 2016
10 Dr. N I Hebsur Efficacy of percutaneous catheter drainage in management of liver abscesses compared with needle aspiration
11 Dr. N I Hebsur A study of short and long term complications of prolene hernia system

International Surgery journal

April 2017

12 Dr. N I Hebsur A comparative study of collagen granule dressing versus conventional dressing in deep wounds

IOSR journal of dental and Medical sciences

Jan 2015

13 Dr. Vijay V Kamat Gravid uterus in neglected incisional hernia with skin defect – A clinical challenge Indian journal of Surgery
14 Dr. Vijay V Kamat Efficacy and tolerability of fixed – dose combination of dexketoprofen and dicyclomine injection in acute renal colic
15 Dr. Vijay V Kamat Efficacy and tolerability of intramuscular dexketoprofen in postoperative pain management following hernia repair Surgery
16 Dr. Abhijit D Hiregoudar Accuracy of intra operative imprint smear in breast tumors Indian Journals of Surgery (Dec)2006:volume  8:issue 6:302-305
17 Dr. Abhijit D Hiregoudar Intestinal Bechet’s disease histopathological surprise Indian Journal of Surgery (March-April)2009:volume 71:159-16
18 Dr. Suresh Huchchannavar Preoperactive predictors difficult laparoscopic cholecystectomy Indian Journal of Surgery Vol 8 Number 2 April-June 2017
19 Dr. Suresh Huchchannavar Mortality and morbidity prediction of P-Possum in open abdominal surgeries Indian Journal of Surgery Vol 8 Number 2 April-June 2017
20 Dr. S Y Mulkipatil Randomized control study of ilio-inguinal nerve preservation versus neurectomy in Lichtenstein tension free mesh repair of inguinal hernia

International Surgery journal

Jan 2017

21 Dr. S Y Mulkipatil Rare presentation of colonic perforation due to severe barotrauma Indian Journal of Surgery

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