P & SM – Education

Teaching of Community Medicine is being done from preclinical to final MBBS as per the curriculum of RGUHS based on MCI.
Pre clinical 120 hours Lectures & Lecture Demonstrations
1st clinical 60 hours Lectures & Lecture Demonstrations
2nd clinical 116 hours Lectures & Lecture Demonstrations
3rd clinical 124 hours Lectures & Lecture Demonstrations



(For duration of entire course)

  1. Didactic Lectures
  2. Demonstrations
  3. Tutorials
  4. Seminars
  5. Integrated Teaching with other faculty
  6. Practicals
  7. Rural Field Practice & Urban Field Practice
  8. Hospital Bed side Teaching, clinical teaching
  9. Out Patient department Epidemiological Unit
  10. Field visits


Number of students attending:

Pre-clinical -Phase – I – 150
Para clinical – Phase II/I –   95
– Phase II/II –  05
– Phase II/III –   93
Clinical – Phase III/I – 141
– Phase III/II –   01

Internship Training given in discipline for 2 months:

1. Rural posting –  15 month
2. Urban Health Centre posting –  15 month
3. Clinical posting – 15 days
1. Immunization
2. School Health
3. Family planning
4. National Health Program – 15 days

Postgraduate training:

The post graduate training programme both M.D. & D.P.H. was introduced in the year 1980 affiliated to K.U.D. upto 1999 and subsequently to R.G.U.H.S., Bangalore with M.C.I. recognition. The objectives of postgraduate training programme leading to MD in Community Medicine are as under:-

  • To produce effective teachers.
  • To produce research workers.
  • To develop effective pattern of teaching of this discipline and its practice in community.
  • To produce administrators conversant with health administration.
  • The course is for a period of 3 years. Dissertation is compulsory.
  • The department also provides training for postgraduate students of – The course is for a period of 3 years. Dissertation is compulsory.
  • Community Dentistry.
  • Hospital administration in the field of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Research methodology, health care of the community and health administration.

So for 23 postgraduate students have successfully completed the training course. 20 of them have obtained MD in community medicine and another 19 have obtained DPH ( Diploma in Public Health) from this institution.

Paramedical courses:

Diploma in sanitary Health inspector course where every year 20 students are admitted and trained. Along with this training is also given to certificate course in Nursing, Medical record section as well as B.Sc. Nursing.

In service training:

Health workers, health supervisor and primary school teacher, Anganwadi workers, health volunteers.

Other activities:

  1. Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of various health programmes.
  2. Consultancy in investigation of death due to immunization, outbreak investigation, and pulse polio programme monitoring and malaria surveillance.
  3. Training of medical officer in health, clinical management of HIV/AIDS, ICDS, Laparoscopic sterilization, M.T.P., Tubectomy training, Health workers in Leprosy, Pulse Polio, RNTCP and in ICDS.
  4. Research in the field of Public Health.
  5. Management as coordinator to three Primary Health Centre under ROME Programme.
  6. Health Education activities in Hospitals & OPD/ Field area.
  7. Palliative care & counseling to cancer cases.
  8. Health checkup in adopted slum and village /school, Anganwadi centres of urban field practice area.

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