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Research activities of the department:

1) “A Study of Medico-social problems of the aged in the selected slums of Hubli city.” by Dr. B.G.Parasuramulu 1983

2) “Health status of Industrial Workers in Heavy Engineering Industry.” by Dr. S.Prutuish 1984

3) “Trends in the Socio-demographic characteristics of tubectomy acceptors.” by Dr. K.Suresh 1984

4) ” A study of Health Status of School Children in an affluent school of Hubli city by Dr. Vinodh Bhat 1986

5) “A Study of Health status of pre-school children in Urban Slum.” by Dr. S.Lankeshwara 1987

6) ” Study on factors influencing Perinatal Mortality.’ by Dr. Sharadha M. 1987

7) “Study of factors influencing Birth-weight.’ by Dr. N.D.Bendigiri 1988

8) “Evaluation of District tuberculosis centre Dharwad on Mathematical model.” by Dr. B.Bheemayya 1988

9) “Study on hospital bed utilization at KMC Hubli.” by Dr. Chowti J.V 1991

10) “A Study of Deformity distribution and some of the influencing factors among the leprosy patients.” by Dr.PrakashChitale 1991

11) “A Study on the health Profile of children studying in central schools of Hubli City. by Dr.S.Basavaraj 1998

12) “A Study on the Health status of workers in a textile industry of Dharwad City. by Dr.Renuka 1999

13) “A Study on the impact of leprosy control in an Urban field practice area attached to leprosy hospital (Voluntary organisation) and Urban Leprosy Centre, Karnatak iIstitute of Medical Sciences,Hubli.” by Dr.Geetha Bathija 2001

14) “A Study on the Health profile of Under five children in R.H.T.C field practice area of KIMS, Hubli.” by Dr.I.A.Loni 2002

15) “An epidemiological community based study of childhood Tuberculosis among Malnourished children of selected Anganwadis under Rural integrated child Development services Block of Hubli.’ by Dr. D.Somashekar 2003

16) “A study on the Health Profile of Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers in Urban Field Practice Area attached to KIMS, Hubli by Dr. Srivani Ravi 2005

17) “An epidemiological study of reproductive tract infection among reproductive age group of women in urban health training centre attending KIMS Hubli”. by Dr. Sangeeta 2006

18) A Study of Chronic Health Defects among primary school children in rural field practice area of Kundagol Primary Health Centre attached to K.I.M.S., Hubli. by Dr.Shama Shaikh. 2007.

19) A Clinico Epidemiology study of HIV/AIDS patients admitted in infectious disease award. by Dr.Laxmikant Lokare. 2008

20) A Study on prevalance of Pulmonory Tuberculosis in the Field Practice Area of Rural Health Training Centre, Kalghatgi, attached to KIMS, Hubli. by Dr. Yashwant M. 2009

21) A Study on the Health Profile of School Drou-out children of Urban Slums in the Field Practice Area of Urban Health Training Centre, Old Hubli attached to KIMS, Hubli. by Dr. Umesh Dixit. 2010.

22) A Study on the influence of Psychological and Socio Economical issues on adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among patients registered at ART Centre, KIMS, Hubli. by Dr. Bharatesh Basti. 2011.

23) A Study of Psycho-Social and clinical profile of Orphan and Non-Orphans infected with HIV attending KIMS, Hubli. by Dr.Mahesh V. 2012.

About Kims

The present KARNATAKA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, HUBBALLI,( K.I.M.S. HUBBALLI.) was earlier known as the KARNATAKA MEDICAL COLLEGE, HUBBALLI. It was established in AUGUST 1957.For initial few years, the college was functioning from a building which is now known as J.G.Commerce College. Later, it was shifted to the present beautiful campus comprising of 100 acres of land, situated on Pune – Bangalore National Highway, Vidyanagar, Hubballi.

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