Physiology – Research
  1. A Comparative study of pulmonary function tests in body builders and controls in and around Hubli city.  – Dr. S.C. Hiremath, Dr. S.L. Karne.
  2. Effect of 3-5 years of tobacco chewing on cardio-respiratory fitness using treadmill. – Dr. Sampath, Dr. K.F. Kammar
  3. A Comparative study of ECG changes following exercise and few of the cardiovascular autonomic functions between normal and congenitally deaf school children in Hubli city. – Dr. Surekharani . C and Dr. B.C. Vastrad.
  4. Effect of Shavasana on Pulmonary and Autonomic function Tests in Young, Uncomplicated Asthamatics. – Dr. Chandrashekar K.A. and Dr. K.F. Kammar
  5. Study of some Physiological variations of visual reaction time, auditory reaction time and tactile reaction time in normal subjects in Hubli city. – Dr. Sunitha B.Kalyanshetti and Dr. B.C. Vastrad.
  6. A Comparative study of Lung functions in obese and normal individuals in and around Hubli city. – Dr. Naveen S. Kotur. Dr. S.L. karne
  7. A Comparative study of Cardio-respiratory efficiency in normal & Type-2 Diabetes individuals in KIMS, Hubli. – Dr. Jnaneshwar P.Shenoy, Dr. B.C. Vastrad
  8. A Study on Pulmonary function tests in Cotton mill workers.- Dr. Anupama Desai and Dr. B.C. Vastrad.
  9. A Study on Pulmonary function tests in Swimmers. – Dr. Basavaraj .R. and Dr. S.L. Karne
  10. A Study on Mukhbastrika, type of Pranayama on reaction time in male subjects in KIMS, Hubli. – Dr. Shashikala G.V. and Dr. V.S. Baljoshi
  11. ECG changes in non-pregnant females with iron deficiency anaemia in kims, Hubli – Dr. V. Khode and Dr. K.F. Kammar
  12. A study of autonomic function tests and reaction time during different phases of menstrual cycle. – Dr. Christina and Dr. K.F. Kammar
  13. Evaluation of pulmonary function tests in scoliosis. – Dr. Muniyappanavar and Dr. P.D. Dixit
  14. A study lipid profile changes in smokers. – Dr. Shivayogappa T. and Dr. P.D. Dixit
  15. Haematological and enzymatic changes in short term alcoholics. – Dr. Malathy T. and Dr. N. Puranik
  16. Study of lipid profile and haematological changes in post menopausal women. – Dr. Madhavi K. and Dr. K.F. Kammar.
  17. Influence of different phases of menstrual cycle on blood parameters – Dr. Vijayashree B.H. and Dr. V.S. BalajoshI

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The present KARNATAKA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, HUBBALLI,( K.I.M.S. HUBBALLI.) was earlier known as the KARNATAKA MEDICAL COLLEGE, HUBBALLI. It was established in AUGUST 1957.For initial few years, the college was functioning from a building which is now known as J.G.Commerce College. Later, it was shifted to the present beautiful campus comprising of 100 acres of land, situated on Pune – Bangalore National Highway, Vidyanagar, Hubballi.

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