Medical Microbiology deals with the causative agents of infectious diseases of humans, their diagnostic techniques and methods of protection against such diseases.The development of Microbiology as a scientific discipline dates from the invention of Microscope by Antony-van-Leewenhoek in 1683. Recent innovations such as DNA Recombinant technology & Molecular biology has revolutionized the Medical diagnostic field.

In Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences-Hubli, Microbiology as a separate and Independent department established in 1969 under the able leadership of Dr(Mrs.)Saraswati Bhargawa, who is our first Head of the Department.

Microbiology is a broad term comprising many branches like virology, mycology, parasitology and others. The department provides comprehensive lab support to the teaching hospital.

  • The vital aspects of infection control and waste management are brought to the foreground by this Department. Prevention, diagnosis and cure are the major areas that outline the training provided by this department.
  • This department is responsible for testing, teaching and research.
  • The course focuses on infectious diseases, how they are caused and what needs to be done to treat them. The department often takes to problem-based training approaches like role-play and model-making to teach students.
  • PG students learn mostly through clinical postings, as a part of which they have to go on outpatient and ICU rounds, and spend a considerable amount of time working at the labs.

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The present KARNATAKA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, HUBBALLI,( K.I.M.S. HUBBALLI.) was earlier known as the KARNATAKA MEDICAL COLLEGE, HUBBALLI. It was established in AUGUST 1957.For initial few years, the college was functioning from a building which is now known as J.G.Commerce College. Later, it was shifted to the present beautiful campus comprising of 100 acres of land, situated on Pune – Bangalore National Highway, Vidyanagar, Hubballi.

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